Types of modules


Free Module ( Alarm Calls )          Free

Computer, Auto initiated calls to be made through computer that would be one time lasting approx. 1 minute of time as stated.

A simple WhatsApp message through is required. 


Paid Module ( Human Calls )          Paid

Humans, real Wake Me Up Agent will make best efforts to wake you up through calls for 15 minutes. 

They would even call on alternative number that you provide. Price Rs.5000 Per month, everyday calls. Call us to schedule.

Methods to schedule alarm Calls through app.

Android app


Android app lets you send Wake Me Up Agent ( Alarm Call ) request on single click. It is very easy to use. It is free and most importantly it works. It has been online for 3 years now.

Click here to download

WhatsApp single click link


We have made it very easy to use Wake Me Up Agent ( Alarm Call service ) simple click on link below will set you up for Wake Me Up Agent - Wake Up Calls. 

Click here

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Just as we land Wake Up Calls to clients, we will drop in mobile S.M.S. followed by call sponsor message of your organization. S.M.S to have link to your organization web page. It is reliable quality service. To advertise call


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